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T.O.N.T.O.C. #NoMercy Mixtape

  1. Intro Mista Kee 0:18
  2. No Mercy Mista Kee 2:17
  3. Yea Imma Go Hard Mista Kee 3:22
  4. Hustlers Creed Mista Kee 4:01
  5. Love for My Whole City Mista Kee 4:51
  6. Let Me Talk Ft. Pimp C Mista Kee 3:25
  7. This The Way The World Made Me Mista Kee 3:49
  8. When I Grow Up Mista Kee 3:34
  9. No Justice No Peace Ft. Fedarro Mista Kee 3:18
  10. iHustle Mista Kee 4:25
  11. MY WRAITH Mista Kee 5:03
  12. I Used To Have Love For Em Mista Kee 5:48
  13. Salute Me Freestyle Mista Kee 2:33
  14. Why I Love it So Much Mista Kee 5:05
  15. My Mother Mista Kee 4:59
  16. Last Forever ft. Johnny Juliano Mista Kee 4:23
  17. You Cant Overlook Me Mista Kee 3:17
  18. Lil Bruh Phone Call Mista Kee 1:49
  19. The Bigger Picture Mista Kee 3:01
  20. Never Give Up ft. Breathtaking Beats Mista Kee 3:18


Whoever said “Hip Hop is Dead” obliviously hasn’t heard the spoken words of the young blood fresh out of the backwoods of Georgia, a constant movement of innovative beats and hypnotizing lyrics that keeps your ears feening for the next track. Columbus, Georgia native Markeese Luttrell better known by his stage name Mista Kee has done more than established his place in the game, he’s letting all Rappers “Over Stand” that fact that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Mista Kee is young enough to be ahead of his time and old enough to be just in time to resuscitate the corpse of hip hop.


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